Heffernan Estates

Heffernan Estates was formed over 18 years ago and is based in the heart of Waterford City.

The auctioneering sales team is led by Nicola Scully. The company is a member of the IPAV (Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers) Association.

Heffernan Estates sell a wide range of properties from second-hand houses and new developments to sites and commercial properties and have built up a substantial market share in Waterford and south Kilkenny. They also offer a valuation service on all forms of properties.

This site offers a large book of properties, updated daily, along with trends and developments in the property market and advice on all insurance and financial services. They also provide a mortgage package, catered to the individual client?s needs.

Heffernan Estates has a strong customer service focus for both sellers and buyers. They recognize that the property market is a dynamic one, and accordingly regularly tailor their services to reflect the constantly changing marketplace.

Heffernan Insurances
Heffernan Insurances has skilled and experienced staff who can offer advice and competitive quotations in relation to policies covering motor, household and commercial liabilities.

Further to our insurance business, we also offer a comprehensive mortgage service, ranging from home loans, to remortgaging, or investment and commercial loans, all at competitive rates.

Heffernans can also provide you with a variety of financial services including pensions, life assurance, investments and mortgage protection.

For competitive quotations or further information on any of our services please select the relevant option to your left.

Heffernan Insurances and Investments Ltd. t/a Heffernan Insurances, Heffernan Mortgage Solutions is regulation by the Financial Regulator. 
Heffernans, 35 Morgan Street, Waterford. Lo-Call: 1890 333 400 Email: info@heffernan.ie